Ready to change your life?

We’re excited to offer transitioning service members the chance to launch their careers through the DoD SkillBridge program! Our DoD SkillBridge internships range from remote opportunities to on-site work with our military-effective employer partners around the country. If you’re interested in a career as a technician, business development, recruiting, or marketing, you’re in the right place.

While interning with us, our team is committed to helping you grow and develop. Our program provides: 

  • World-class training: Our ‘Re-Boot Camp’ is focused on the four pillars of health, wealth, family, and career. Experience BufferSprings Academy and multiple live training huddles each week.
  • Mentorship: Your net worth is directly related to your network. We will connect you with 1:1 and group mentors in the industries you want to work in as a civilian.
  • Career guidance and support: SkillBridge is often a time for testing the waters of a new career. We use cutting edge technology to help you know where you’ll thrive.

The following DoD SkillBridge Internships are open and accepting candidates. 

Current SkillBridge Internships

Showcasing 4 Projects

BufferSprings Remote DoD SkillBridge Internship

Are you interested in a remote SkillBridge opportunity? Are you considering a career in, business development, sales, or recruiting? 

If you answered yes to these questions, this internship is perfect for you!

Our philosophy is simple – we want your time as a SkillBridge intern to prepare you for the transition to civilian life and give you experiences across several types of corporate roles. 

By moving through our Foundations training path, you can try out different jobs before ever committing to them. This process will help you figure out what you like and – more importantly – what you don’t like. Afterward, you will feel more confident choosing your first post-military position.

Technician / Mechanic SkillBridge Internship

If you are a skilled diesel technician and have experience working with heavy machinery or advanced equipment, this SkillBridge Internship is for you!

Several of our military-effective employer partners such as PepsiCo, Frito Lay, and Caterpillar are actively looking to hire full-time technicians and mechanics through the SkillBridge program. This is an excellent foot in the door for in-demand careers with several well-known companies across the country.

This is a nationwide opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more, hit the button below and talk to our recruiting team! 

Human Resources (HR) SkillBridge Internships

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources (HR), we have an amazing SkillBridge opportunity for you! Our partners at Outsolve are the industry leaders in affirmative action services, workforce analytics, and compensation analysis. Started in 1998, OutSolve has grown to be an industry‐leading consulting firm and they’re looking for YOU to join their team!

Click the button below to apply if you are open to working in the Metairie, LA (New Orleans) or Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston) areas.