Local Community Immersion

BufferSprings develops meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with organizations, non-profits, educators, and local government to build an evergreen recruiting source in your backyard. These partnerships offer your company access to a ready talent pool in the local military-connected community.


The Problem:

Your company wants to hire veterans or has a requirement to be OFCCP compliant as a Federal contractor. You have been told for years that the only way to get in front of veterans is to purchase booths at job fairs, post requisitions on low-traffic job boards, send out email blasts to databases, or buying large sponsorships. 

While these are valid ways to get in front of the military-connected community, they’re not the most effective. 

  • Local job fairs take place once or twice a year. How do you get in front of candidates for the other 363 days?
  • Databases get stale. Do you want to be one of the hundreds of job opportunities spamming their inbox?
  • Sponsorships help with brand awareness but don’t work on their own to bring candidates in the front door.

What most organizations don’t consider is that there is a pool of candidates right in your backyard. And this community is largely overlooked. These men and women are currently going to school, underemployed (a massive problem in our community), or recently moved back home. They want to work, and they want to work local.

You will gain access to this pool of candidates with BufferSprings’ Local Community Immersion Program.

What’s Included:

  • Three months of local sourcing and relationship-building within 50 miles of a single zip code.
  • Warm introductions between partners and your hiring team so you can bring them directly into your CRM.
  • BufferSprings’ signature MT BEN and Military 101 training for your recruiting team. Once trained, your team will understand how to speak and work effectively with your new partners.

The Investment:

  • $6,000 for each site (up to 5)
  • Discount pricing available for more than 5 locations

Local Community Immersion