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Where the Missions of Smart Organizations and the Military-Connected Community Merge

Make Military Recruiting Your Competitive Advantage

Talent is a top priority for all companies, from the newest startup to the Fortune 500. BufferSprings offers solutions to optimize your veteran recruiting process and overall military-hiring strategy. Discover an evergreen sourcing solution right in your backyard and hire candidates perfectly suited to your job and company culture.

Our Military Effective Partners

Here are just a few of the smart companies BufferSprings has helped become Military Effective. Together, we're creating programs and strategies that focus on effective recruiting, retention and building a community that veterans are proud to be part of.

Join Our Network of Community Partners

Our Local Community Immersion Program is critical to our holistic approach to veteran employment and underemployment. And our Community Partners are the backbone of that system. The long-term relationships we develop with our partners enable us to connect veterans with Military Effective employers right in their backyard.

If you’re a Veteran Service Organization (VSO), non-profit, educator, or government agency, we invite you to look at our program and apply to become our partner.

Our Community Partners

With over 6,000 community partners around the country, we're committed to working with effective organizations that serve the military-connected community. Local community engagement is one of the most powerful tools for connecting top talent with Military Effective employers.

Join Our Community of Veterans

Whether you’re still on active duty, just transitioned, or have been out for many years, we’re in your corner. Our community offers you training, mentorship, industry connections, and employment opportunities. We’re even in the process of developing tools and programs for our fellow veteran entrepreneurs!

If you want to engage with a community that understands where you’ve been and can help you get where you want to go, let us know!

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