Master the art of hiring veterans

Are you facing an uphill battle when it comes to hiring veterans or uncovering qualified candidates for your job openings?

Does the task of translating military experience and skills into civilian job requirements feel like an insurmountable challenge?

Have you experienced the frustration of losing veteran employees due to a lack of support or resources?

Take a deep breath – we’ve been there too. With our extensive two-decade journey in veteran hiring, we intimately understand the hurdles you face. Allow us to be your guiding light as we elevate your program to extraordinary heights.

Our Military Effective Partners

Here are just a few of the smart companies BufferSprings has helped become Military Effective. Together, we're creating programs and strategies that focus on effective recruiting, engagement, and retention, while building a community that veterans are proud to be part of.

Unleash the Untapped Potential of Hiring Veterans

The world of effectively and efficiently hiring veterans is complex, no doubt about it…

But here’s the simple truth: Recruiting, engaging, and retaining top talent is crucial for your organization’s success. And one powerful way to achieve that is by tapping into the vibrant veteran and military spouse community.

Why does it matter? Well, by embracing this community, you can unlock a range of benefits:

  • Amplify your workforce diversity, fostering innovation and fresh perspectives.
  • Ensure compliance with OFCCP regulations as a federal contractor, staying on the right side of the law.
  • Cultivate a robust leadership bench, as military-connected individuals bring valuable leadership skills and experience.

The truth is, the military-connected community possesses the coveted blend of soft and hard skills your organization craves.

But here’s the challenge: Navigating the intricacies of how to hire veterans and, most importantly, how to retain them can drain your time and strain your budget. It’s a struggle faced by many.

That’s where BufferSprings steps in. We intimately understand the pain points you encounter when it comes to hiring military-connected candidates. Our solutions are meticulously designed to alleviate these challenges and deliver the results you need.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the remarkable benefits of our game-changing program, VISION. Together, we’ll unlock the true potential of veteran hiring and create an inclusive, high-performing workforce.

It All Starts With a VISION...

If you’re truly committed to making a meaningful impact through hiring veterans, you’ve found your ideal destination. VISION (Veteran Intake, Strategy, and In-depth Organizational Needs) goes far beyond prescribing generic solutions like job fairs or email blasts. We know that understanding your specific challenges and pain points around how to hire veterans is the key to success. That’s why we embark on an immersive journey, delving deep into your organization’s veteran recruitment landscape to uncover the hidden challenges, untapped opportunities, and transformative insights that lie beneath the surface.

Turbocharge Veteran Recruitment

Experience a surge in qualified veteran candidates and fast-track your hiring process with VISION’s optimized strategies. Maximize efficiency, save valuable time, and secure top veteran talent for your organization.

Data-Driven Competitive Edge

Gain a strategic advantage in the market by leveraging VISION’s actionable insights. Uncover untapped opportunities, unlock the power of your veteran talent pool, and stay ahead of the competition with targeted, data-backed strategies that attract and retain exceptional veteran employees.

Customized Solutions for Success

Stand out as a military-effective employer of choice with VISION’s tailor-made strategies. We’ll present a comprehensive veteran hiring program that aligns with your organization’s unique goals and objectives. We empower you to create a supportive environment that attracts top veteran talent and drives long-term success.

What Comes After VISION?

Once we’ve gained a deep understanding of your organization’s biggest pain points, such as sourcing, retention, compliance, lack of community, and more, the journey continues with follow-on consulting and training solutions. These tailored strategies are designed to address your specific needs, propelling your veteran hiring program to new heights of success.

Here is a sampling of prospective solutions.

Basic Training

The military uses basic training to ensure all service members have a strong foundation to build from. We know this approach works! This is why we require all our employer partners to go through our foundational coursework at BufferSprings Academy. Military 101 and MT BEN will ensure your hiring team ‘speaks veteran’ and knows exactly where veterans fit into your ecosystem.

Specialized training

BufferSprings Academy moves beyond Basic Training with customized training solutions for your veteran recruiting team. 

From courses such as ‘Veteran Recruiting Mastery’ or ‘Building a Veteran Community’, our learning and development team is here to ensure expertise in the military hiring space.

recruitment & retention consulting

Our Flagship Partner Solution. Our team provides expert analysis of the current status of your program, recommendations for no or low-cost sourcing solutions, and strategic advice on how organically attract top talent in the military-connected community.

Community Immersion

BufferSprings develops meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with organizations, non-profits, educators, and local government to build an evergreen recruiting source in your backyard. These partnerships offer your company access to a ready talent pool in the local military-connected community.

DoD SkillBridge Internships

As an authorized DoD SkillBridge provider, BufferSprings is ready and able to connect your company with transitioning service members up to six months before they hang up their uniforms. Whether you’re looking to host a single SkillBridge intern or want to build your own robust corporate program, we can facilitate your success.

Veteran ERG Accelerator

An organization’s Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG) can be one of its most valuable assets in recruiting and retaining top talent in the military-connected community. Moving the needle on ERG effectiveness is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to engage the veteran community inside and outside your organization.

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