About Us

BufferSprings is a Boston-based consulting and training firm founded in 2021. We are proud to be 100% service-disabled veteran-owned and operated. 

Our team is passionate about connecting our corporate partners with the top talent in the  greater veteran-connected community. But, more importantly, we are a mission-driven company with big goals to shake up a very stagnant industry. 

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Partner Collaboration

We are your long-term partner in veteran hiring. We want to help you design and implement effective and sustainable military programs focused on retention and community engagement.

Community Engagement

We partner with local and national organizations obsessed with empowering the military-connected community. These community partners are the backbone of our Community Immersion Program.

Veteran Community Building

Whether you’re still on active duty, just transitioned, or have been out for many years, we’re in your corner. Our community offers you training, mentorship, industry connections, and employment opportunities. 

Market Innovation

The conversation around veteran hiring shouldn’t be limited to attending job fairs and ad impressions. Instead, we create innovative and comprehensive solutions designed to truly move the needle in veteran recruiting and retention.

We Are Dedicated to the Military-Connected Community

We focus on a triad of players in the military-connected community: veterans and their spouses, employers, and organizations dedicated to veteran causes.

Why all three? Focusing on only one just doesn’t move the needle on veteran employment in a meaningful way. Instead, we look at veteran hiring holistically.

Meet Our Team!

Rob Arndt

Founder & CEO, BufferSprings (USMC)

Rob is a 14-year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, with 8 of those years focused on armed forces recruitment & retention.

He has spent the past decade working with Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, government contractors, and educators to build effective military and diversity recruitment programs.

Merideth Cohrs

Partner & Director of Operations, BufferSprings (USN)

Merideth is a 9-year Navy veteran and a United States Naval Academy graduate. She has 15 years of experience in consulting, small business, and military recruiting.

Merideth brings extensive knowledge of business operations, marketing, L&D, and product management to the team at BufferSprings.

DoD SkillBridge Interns

Sales, Recruiting, Program Management, Marketing, HR

Our SkillBridge Interns are the lifeblood of the BufferSprings team. These men and women come from every branch of service, represent officers and enlisted, and are ALL having a positive impact on the company.

If you’re interested in becoming a SkillBridge intern, please apply!


We Are Committed to Eradicating Veteran Underemployment in the Next Ten Years

While we care about all facets of employment within the military-connected community, underemployment remains one of our community’s most significant challenges. Nearly 1/3 of all veteran job seekers are underemployed compared to just 15% in the general population.

This has to change…

Our mission at BufferSprings is to eradicate veteran underemployment in the next ten years. The men and women of America’s armed forces should not need to settle for positions they are overqualified for. 

Join us in this critical mission!

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